Indo-Guyanese Cricket History

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The Kawall Cup, 2014

The Kawall Cup, in 2014, at the Everest Cricket Club in Guyana, for Indian-only competition between Guyana, Suriname and Trinidad.

Everest Cricket Club, c 1960

The British Guiana East Indian Cricket Club (now Everest) pavilion, around 1960.

Walcott & Berbice Players, 1956

Barbados and West Indies batsman Clyde Walcott with several Berbice players in Georgetown, in 1956, before Kanhai made his Test debut. Walcott played a huge role in the development of Berbice cricket. From left: Ivan Madray, Basil Butcher, Clyde Walcott, Sonny Baijnauth, Rohan Kanhai and Joe Solomon. (Source: Ranji To Rohan)

BG and Trinidad Indians, 1954

Guyana and Trinidad players at the Queen's Park Oval in Trinidad for the Kawall Cup Tournament, on 23 April 1954. Standing left to right: E Warner (umpire), D Mangar, W Edun, TC Kalloo, D Ramsamooj, C Sampath, S Kalloo, B Kanhai, NS Asgarali, A Somane, E Murray, Dr MS Alli-Shaw and R Richi (umpire). Center: R Nauth, SM Bacchus (Guyana captain), N Sookram (Trinidad captain), RJ Singh (Guyana manager), S Niamath, N Rampate and F Rogoonath. Front: E Pertab, S Jackbir, S Wailloo, S Moonsammy, D Ram, S Narinesingh, I Madray, A Hassan, R Kanhai and G Persad.

1938 Guyana and Trinidad Indians

Teams for the match between Guyana and Trinidad Indians, played in Trinidad on 09 and 10 April 1938. Front row: A Khan, B Saddick, BK Persaud, S Rahaman, J Singh and N Rampat. Sitting: M Hosein (Trinidad captain), J Mohammed (Treasurer), RJ Singh (Guyana captain), Dr F Mahabir (President), DA Hoo (Guyana manager), L Jaggernauth (Secretary) and VC Ramsaran (Vice-president. Third row: AR Julumsingh, MH Khan, E Supersad, SH Niamath, Joseph Latcha, WA Jones, M Mohamed, Cyril Patrick, J Naipaul and C Persaud. Back row: P Jailall, S Jackbir, S Sookram, SF Rahaman, SM Ali, B Sookram, K Ritchie, A Grant, E Sankar, F Razack and TD Cameron.

Chatterpaul 'Doosha' Persaud, 1937

Chatterpaul 'Doosha' Persaud, on his first class debut for British Guiana in 1937, against Barbados at Bourda, when he scored 174.

1937 Berbice Flood Cup Team

The 1937 Berbice Flood Cup team. Back row: R Seelall, J Naipaul, Seepaul, Harry Sookhoo and Joseph Latcha. Middle row: Johnny Teekasingh, Doodnaught, C Persaud, P Appal and J Sooknanan. Front row: P Lall, Cyril Patrick and J Appal.