Letters To Guyana-Cricket

Letters To Guyana-Cricket


Hi Norm - best of luck with your excellent website. I know it's a big topic but can you tell me: Is there still a keen interest in cricket in Guyana?


It should be noted that Nigel Greaves also represented Guyana in the 1986 Under-19 Cricket Team.


I came across your website with the photo of my uncle (same name) Frank de Caires. I was wondering whether you could share a copy of that photo?


Hello. I just happened onto Guyana-Cricket online and I love it.

I will definitely spread the word but please note that my name is Ave Mogan – not Christina..smiles!


... because of the guidance he received from captain Ancel Hazel and his meteoric rise to national recognition was with Rosehall, I think his club should be listed as Rosehall and not Fort Canje.


Would it be possible for our presenter Abdullah Al Jumah to take part in a game and learn more about your sport?


A significant omission on your list is Geoffrey (Reds) Murray who kept wicket for Guyana between 1963 - 70. Also Sydney Jackman who also played in the mid to late 60s.


Krish Nath - Chairman, Epsom Cricket Club-UK (email address provided) sent a message using the contact form at http://guyana-cricket.com/contact.


Hemraj's first name is correctly spelt Chandrapaul not Chanderpaul. I do hope you change it.


Good morning. I came across this site and was wondering about it. I am from Beehive and I used to play cricket there. I am looking at ways to restart cricket in the village again. [Edited]

Thanks, and Best Regards,


I need your gracious help to find an article about a match played at Eve Leary, in 1975 or 1976, between the Guyana Public Service Union and a team from Trinidad led by Deonarine Bissessar.


Hi. Enmore has a great leader in Tejnauth. He has the will power and the knowledge of how to get things done. I have known him a long time. He will guide everyone in the right direction, but needs strong support. Good luck to him,




Respected Sir,

I am a great lover of West Indies culture, sports and people. I had the opportunity to meet several West indies cricketers, including Michael Holding, Ian Bishop, Lara, Carl Hooper, Ridley Jacobs, Wavell Hinds and Nagamootoo.

  • Richard Hector who, if my memory serves me correctly, bowled Len Hutton for a duck;

Hi, I am living in Jamaica and would like to go out to support the Amazon Warriors in their game here on Thursday. Is there any way we could get some Amazon Warrior T shirts before the game on Thursday? Maybe about a dozen. Thanks,

Warrior Fan


Can I add some information pertaining to my cricket club?


Guyana-Cricket response:


I have a grandson who is 12 years old and plays cricket in Toronto, in the Under-13 and Under-15 leagues. We will like him to play cricket while on vacation with us in Guyana, for about 2 to 3 weeks. How can this be arranged?



Hi. My name is Sasha Crawford. I am a female and 15 years old. I am currently living in New York City and play cricket there for school and leagues, but I am here in Guyana on vacation. I would love to know if you have any female cricket teams or training sessions.


Thank you for this wonderful website. I truly appreciate all of your hard work in making this happen. Wow, I am amazed you were able to pull this off, given the various regions in Guyana and all of the complexities to verify the correct data.


Please contact me at my email address regarding your article on Queen's College cricket history. We are in the process of putting together the Yearbook for Queen's College and I came across the article you wrote last year.


As a Guyanese living in Canada, I would like to congratulate you on a great website. I really enjoyed navigating through it and finding all of the old great players like Andrew Lyght, Sew Shiv, Milton Pydanna etc. I wish that the Guyana cricket board would follow your lead.


I am the chair of Worcester Police Cricket Club in the UK. In August 2013 we are hosting a Police Twenty/Twenty Carnival with Police teams from across the World taking part.


Hello. I am a young cricketer from Argentina. I would like to know where could I possibly get the Guyana team jersey, the one used during the last caribbean t20s. Looks great !! Millon thanks and hugs from South America !!



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Letters To Guyana-Cricket