2 Floodlights Teams For Toronto

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The Guyana Floodlights Softball Cricket Association (GFSCA) will feature two softball teams in Canada this weekend September 4th, 5th & 6th. Floodlights Masters and Floodlight Legends will be competing with teams from the USA and Canada for "Toronto Cup 1".

The tournament, which is being hosted for the first time by The Ontario Masters Softball Cricket Club (OMSCC), will be played in two categories. The Male Open category is for players of any age, and Male Masters is for players 44 yrs old or older. Both Floodlights teams will participate in the Masters.

Many trophies will be up for grabs and cash prizes of over US$5,000 are at stake.

The preliminary rounds will be played on Friday and Saturday morning. The four semi-finals are on Saturday afternoon and two finals on Sunday. Grounds to be used are Ashtonbee Park, Littles Park, Woburn Park, Nielson Park and Ellesmere Park. The finals will be played at the University of Toronto Ground. 

Floodlights Masters and Legends will come from Lakhram Singh, Lalta Gainda, Ramesh Sunich, Ramchand Ragbeer, Ricky Deonarain, Rohan Boj-Raj, Jailall Deodass, Ago Gopaul, Steve Narine, Pithamber Maharaj, Surendra Nauth, Uniss Yusuf, Pooran Singh, Abdool Khan, Roger Sunich, Shakar Chowbay, Mark Lube, Rajen Paul, Ravi Lutchman, Hux Lutchman, Sydney Jackman jnr., Teekchand Madho, Unos Baksh, Sudesh Persaud, Jerry Gaznabi. Manager Vannessia Narine (Floodlights Legends), Manager Savitri Nauth (Floodlight Masters).

Two  additions:  Sayan Maharaj (PRO Floodlight Legends) and Indira Gainda (PRO Floodlight Masters).