Floodlights, Media XI 3rd Match

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Guyana Times


Guyana Times Staff

The Floodlights team and Guyana Media XI have agreed to play Friday’s highly anticipated feature 20-over ‘hardball’ cricket match at the Demerara Cricket Club (DCC) ground, Queenstown, in memory of the sport journalist Calvin Roberts. Roberts, a former captain of the Guyana Media XI, passed away in May this year after suffering from renal failure.

This will be the third time the two teams will be meeting, and it is seen as a winner-takes-all game after the results were shared in the first two encounters. The first game, a ‘hardball’ encounter, was easily won by the Guyana Media XI, while the return match, a softball showdown, was won the Floodlights team.

At the conclusion of game two, a coin toss was held at the DCC ground to determine which version of the game will be played during the ‘final’, and the Guyana Media XI won the right to have a ‘hardball’ match to break the deadlock.

The highly anticipated game will bowl off at 19:00h, and trophies for the game will be provided by Ramesh Sunich of the Trophy Stall. Guyana Media XI will be led by opener John Ramsingh of NCN.

Floodlights squad: Ricky Deonarain (Captain), Dharam Persaud, Steve Naraine, Surendra Nauth, Rakesh Goverdan Arjune, Reaz Hussein, Richard Persaud, Anil Beharry, Lalta Gainda, Khalid Baksh, Loyd Rooplall, Nafjohn Samlall,Wayne Jones and Romeo Deonarain. The Manager is Rohan Boj-raj.

Guyana Media XI squad: John Ramsingh (Captain), Shahrukh Imran, Ishaka Jackman, Rajiv Bisnauth, Daniel Singh, Avenash Ramzan, Treiston Joseph, Zaheer Mohamed, Clifton Ross, Orlando Charles, Ravi Persaud, Diquan Murray, Rawle Toney, Jermaine Neblett, Rene Stoby and Merthel Sammy.