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Queen's College (QC) has been the leading high school in Guyana for many decades, along with its principal academic rival St Stanislaus. A boys-only school until 1975, Queen's College's playing field was large enough for three cricket matches simultaneously, with two pavilions, at one time.


Sammy Autographs For QC, 2013

West Indies all-rounder Darren Sammy signs autographs for students of Queen's College Guyana on Monday, July 15, during the Pakistan visit to Guyana for 2 ODI matches against the West Indies (WICB Media Photo/Randy Brooks).

QC Girls In Consecutive Wins, 2013

The victorious Queen's College girls team poses with Organiser Johnny Barnwell, after consecutive softball wins over Tutorial High and IPE, in February 2013.

Sports Ministry Helps QC, 2012

Sport Minister Dr Frank Anthony presents a check for G$3M on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports as the ministry’s contribution towards the construction of a new pavilion on the Queen's College grounds to acting Deputy Headmistress Lenise Parker, as Director of Sport Neil Kumar and QC students look on approvingly. (Avenash Ramzan photo).

QC House Winner, 2010

Sports Officer Chaitram Singh presents the Asheeki Asgarally Memorial Trophy (donated by alumnus Les Romalho) to the 2009 inter-house cricket competition winners A House. The final was played on 25 March 2010.

QC Ground, 2010

The Queen's College ground in March 2010, during the inter-house cricket final between A House and H House. Sports Officer Chaitram Singh (on right) was one of the umpires. The enclosed pavilion can be seen in the background.

QC House Final, 2010

The final of the 2009 inter-house cricket competition, between A and H Houses, which took place on 25 March 2010. The sight-screen needs some work.

QC House Runners-Up, 2010

Sports Officer Chaitram Singh presents the QCOSA trophy to the losing finalist (H House) of the 2009 QC inter-house cricket competition, played on 25 March 2010.

QC Auditorium, 2009

Inside the new Queen's College auditorium, rebuilt in 2004 after the 1997 fire. A table tennis match is in progress (ICQC photo).

QC House Competition, 2009

A match gets under way on 19 September 2009 in the the QC inter-house cricket competition. The preliminary round was played at the YMCA ground, across the street from QC. Four of the ten houses fielded teams.

QC House Players, 2009

Players and spectators in one of the preliminary matches in the 2009 QC inter-house cricket competition pose for a photo at the YMCA ground, where preliminary round was played.

QC Wood Net, 2009

QC students always loved, and excelled at, table tennis. They will take every opportunity to get in a game, even if the only net available is a wooden board!

QC v Berbice High School, 2009

Berbice High School batsman Brian Hussain departs after being bowled by Queen’s College’s Neil Barry Jnr., (not in picture), as wicketkeeper Avion Rodrigues and others celebrate, in a friendly 40-overs match, at the at the Providence Stadium on 18 February 2009.(Aubrey Crawford photo).

QC Auditorium, 2004

The new Queen's College auditorium (Assembly Hall) in 2004, rebuilt after the 1997 fire.

QC Admin Block, 2004

The new QC administration block and auditorium in 2004, rebuilt after the 1997 fire. It is raining in Georgetown, of course!

QC Fire, 1997

The middle section of the Queen's College building was destroyed by fire in 1997. The destroyed section included the auditorium, staff room, General Office, Principal’s Study, dining-hall and cycle shed with ‘basement’. The reconstruction was completed in 2004.

QC Cricket Team, 1967-1968

The 1967-1968 Queen's College cricket team. Standing (left to right): TJ Morris, L Baird, F Massiah, WO Boxhill, M London, D Dewar, S Jarvis and D Hales. Standing (left to right): D De Freitas, KA Aaron, Mr EW London (captain), D Cheddie and BCG Jackman.

QC Cricket Team, 1964-1965

The 1964-1965 Queen's College cricket team. Sitting (left to right): B Moore, S Bacchus, Mr EW London (supervisor), R Cambridge (captain) and M Khan. Standing (left to right): G Robinson, N Ng-A-Qui, P Alexander, C Kirton, P Walcott, C Jobe and A Morrison.

QC Cricket Team, 1963-1964

The 1963-1964 Queen's College cricket team. Sitting (left to right): K. Wills, Mr E London (supervisor), CE Denbow, L Innis and P Foo. Standing (left to right): R Cambridge, G Rohlehr, B Moore, C Jobe and A Morrison.

QC Cricket Team, 1962-1963

The 1962-1963 Queen's College cricket team. Standing: (left to right): G Rohlehr, H Syed, M Niamatali, CE Denbow, CLY Walcott and LO Griffith. Sitting (left to right): AR Morrison, RM Stephens, HE Dolphin, ? and H Ross.

QC Aerial View, 1963

An aerial view of Queen's College, looking from the north, taken around 1963.

QC Sports Day, 1963

Queen's College holds it athletics Sports Day on the school play-field, around 1963. A relay race is in progress. The famous 'Bio Lab', from which many unforgettable cricket matches have been keenly observed, can be seen on the ground floor at the end of the school building in the background.

QC Cadet Corps, 1963

The Queen's College Cadets, formed in 1932, provided military training for Queen's College students, until it was disbanded sometime in the mid 1970's.

QC Camp Road Entrance, 1963

The main vehicular entrance off Camp Road to the QC campus, circa 1963. Note the numerous bicycles and students wearing (colonial) cork hats. Now, why did they need that? Cork hats disappeared after Guyana became politically independent in 1966.

QC Auditorium, 1963

The Queen's College auditorium (Assembly Hall) around 1963, before this section of the school was destroyed by a fire in 1997.

QC Cricket Team, 1961-1962

The 1961-1962 Queen's College cricket team. Back Row: (left to right): RM Stephen, H Ross, J Babb, PE McLean, CW London, CLY Walcott, JO Smith and LS Birkett. Front Row (left to right): AR Morrison, HE Dolphin, R Roopnarine (captain), PAM Griffith (vice-captain) and GP Murray.

QC Cricket Team, 1960-1961

The 1960-1961 Queen's College cricket team. Standing (left to right): RM Janki, PE McLean, LF Fraser, HE Dolphin, AM Stuart, RM Stephen, AR Morrison and PAM Griffith. Sitting (left to right): GF Ramprashad, R Roopnaraine (captain), Mr BA Eyre, JRG Ramprashad (vice-captain) and JRK Butchey.

QC Cricket Team, 1958-1959

The 1958-1959 Queen's College cricket team. Standing (left to right): RM Jankie, LL Lewis, TC Edwards, RR Roberts, ROH Spence, CS Spence, R Roopnaraine and JRG Ramprashad. Sitting (left to right): GF Rampersaud, DA McWatt, DO Niles, Mr Rock, RMS. Khan (captain) and NW Grant. Absent: HS Birkett.

QC Cricket Team, 1957

The 1957 Queen's College cricket team. Front Row: DA McWatt, RMS Khan. Middle Row: M Fung (captain), Saul, Spence, DO Niles. Back Row: JA Nicholson, R Roberts, F Rampersaud, BI Smith, FA Lawerence and PM Stuart.

QC First XI Cricket Team, 1956

The Queen's College First XI cricket team in 1956. From left to right, standing are: F Ramprashad, GH Mitchell, DA McWatt, DW Bacchus, JA Nicholson, DO Niles and G Joseph. Sitting: RMS Khan, BI Smith, RE Fung, DB Rayman and (captain) FA Lawrence.

QC Case Cup Team, 1949

The Queen's College 1949-1950 first division Case Cup team. Standing (left to right): M Baird, WA Chin, RC Bacchus, FK Mongul, A Gonsalves and RM Glasford. Sitting (left to right): C Pilgrim, AFR Bishop, RA Gibbons (captain), WI Lee and LA Jackman. Absent: M Moore and TD Mohamed.

Queen's College, 1949

The main Queen's College building on Brickdam Road in 1949. Two years later the school moved to its present site at Thomas Lands. The Brickdam Road premises are currently occupied by the Ministry of Health.

Groundsman Hinds, 1937

Queen's College groundsman "Sammy" (Simon Denzil) Hinds, believed to be the person mainly responsible for bringing the newly-acquired QC playing field in Thomas Lands up to competition level in 1936. The background appears to show the new playing field before grass was sown. Hinds was a professional cricketer who represented both British Guiana and the West Indies in first class cricket. This photo is from the Frederick Weston collection.

QC Net Practice, 1937

Queen's College cricketers having a net practice in 1937, while the school and its playing field were still located at the east end of Brickdam Road. This photo comes from the collection by former QC master Frederick Weston, in whose honour Weston House was named.

QC Nets, 1937

Queen's College students hard at practice on their playing field on Brickdam Road in 1937. This photo is from the Frederick Weston collection.

QC in Berbice, 1937

The 1937 Queen's College cricket team in Berbice to compete against Berbice High School in the Jacob Cup. This photo is from Frederick Weston's collection.

QC Opening Batsmen, 1937

Queen's College opening batsmen step to the middle in 1937, in what appears to be a Jacob Cup match in Berbice. Is the batsman on the right, apparently of Chinese origin, wearing a 'bughouse' (QC cork hat)? This was decades before helmets became common gear in cricket! Photo from Frederick Weston's collection.

QC Cricket Team, 1936

The 1936 Queen's College cricket team, after winning the Hing Cup - the symbol of cricket supremacy among Georgetown schools for several decades. This photo comes from a collection by former QC master Frederick Weston, in whose honour Weston House was named.

Queen's College, 1870

Carmichael Street, with Queen's College Grammr School on the right and the (St Georges) Cathedral in the distance, circa 1870. Still owned and run by the Anglican Church at that time, the school's name was changed to Queen's College in 1877, when it was handed over to the government.

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Queen's College

Name: Queen's College
Location: Camp Road, Thomas Lands, Georgetown, Guyana
Links: Queen's College Special Section (photos, articles, links, etc)

Queen's College (QC), 2000 - Present

(For the history of cricket at Queen's College before 2000, see the Queen's College Special Section.)

Cricket was being played at QC as early as 1854, when the school relocated from the present-day site of the Victori Law Courts to the present-day site of Bishop's High School. Evidence suggests that QC graduates were instrumental in the formation of the Georgetown Cricket Club a few years later, and the two institutions maintained very close ties until QC moved from the east end of Brickdam Road to its present site at Thomas Lands.

QC participated in the Case Cup (1st division), Chin Cup (Georgetown inter-school), Garnett Cup (2nd division), Jacob Cup (inter-collegiate), Northcote Cup (intermediate division), Parker Cup (1st division), Wight Cup (2nd division) and other competitions.

Five West Indies Test players were from QC. They include (in chronological order): Maurice Fernandes, Vibart Wight, Ken Wishart, Bruse Pairaudeau and Roger Harper. Two other former QC students, Edwin Moulder and Clarence Hunter, played for the West Indies before its Test-playing days.

First class Guyana players include (15): Edwin Moulder, Fred Abraham, John Veerasawmy, Clarence Hunter, Maurice Fernandes, Vibart Wight, Ken Wishart, Bruce Pairaudeau, Leroy Jackman, Aubrey Bishop, Arnold Gibbons, Roger Harper, Garfield Charles, Colwin Cort and Neil Barry. Other former QC students who played first class cricket include: Rupert Roopnaraine (Cambridge University) and Orin Gordon (Demerara).

National youth players include (14): Horton Dolphin, Keith Aaron, Errol Jackman, Mike Christophe, Sase Kowlessar, Colin Jackman, Roger Boxhill, Roger Harper, Orin Gordon, Garfield Charles, Roger Charles, Colwin Cort, Neil Barry and Sunil Rupee.

2012 Activities

In 2012 Queen's College was raising funds to construct a new pavilion at an estimated cost of US$70k on its play-field. The school received a donation of US$15k from the Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports towards this endeavor.

2010 Activities

The 2009 inter-house cricket competition final was played on 25 March 2010 on QC ground. The winner, A House, received the Asheeki Asgarally Memorial Cricket Trophy.

2009 Activities

In February 2009 QC defeated Berbice High School (BHS) in the National Sports Commission (NSC)/Allied Arts Department 40-overs-a-side cricket match at the Providence Stadium. Scores: BHS 167 for 9 in 40 overs (Brandon Balkissoon 54, Kumar Brijlall 51, Feaz Mustapha 2-28). QC 168-5 in 39 overs (Sunil Rupee 57 not out, Feaz Mustapha 51).

The preliminary round of the 2009 inter-house cricket competition was played on the YMCA ground, across the street from QC, in September. Only four of the ten houses fielded teams. The others failed to show, completely or in insufficient numbers. A House defeated F House in the morning and H House defeated L House in the afternoon. The final, between A House and H House was scheduled for October 2009, but did not occur until March 2010.

QC cricketers in 2009 included: Neil Barry Jnr (captain), Carlyle Collins, Jimol Marks, Feaz Mustapha, Tejprakash Persaud, Javed Rasheed, Avion Rodrigues (wicketkeeper), and Sunil Rupee.

2007 Activities

Queen's College participated in the Georgetown Cricket Association Under-19 40-over competition.

2001 Activities

The Queen's College play-field was refurbished and used for the national Under-19 competition under the Guyana Cricket Board. Playing in Zone B under captain George Norton, QC beat Richard Ishmael Secondary School by 218 runs, Tutorial High School by 6 wickets and North Georgetown Secondary by a nail-biting 2 runs.

Boys and girls cricket teams participated in the All Star Inter-Schools Competition. The girls team, captained by Taijranie Rampersaud, emerged as champions. Several male cricketers played for clubs and they participated in trials for selection to the national Under-19 team. These included: Antonel Atwell, Patrick Joseph, George Norton and Charles Ramson.