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No Datesort ascending Title
1 10-Oct-2015 GFSCA/DCC U13 Tourney
2 05-Oct-2015 DCC Win Last Ball Thriller
3 02-Oct-2015 DCC Plays Young Warriors
4 02-Oct-2015 Barnwell to Lead DCC
5 24-Sep-2015 Garvin Nedd Youth Tourney
6 29-May-2014 DCC Lights Commissioned
7 28-May-2014 Minister Commissions DCC Floodlights
8 27-Mar-2014 Lights Installed at DCC
9 01-Nov-2013 Fly Jamaica Supports DCC
10 06-Oct-2013 DCC Are Brain Street Champs
11 22-Jun-2013 DCC Congratulates Harper
12 12-Feb-2013 DCC Mourns Loss Of Bishop
13 06-Feb-2013 DCC Congratulates Barnwell
14 05-Jan-2013 DCC To Show T20 Matches
15 20-Jul-2012 100 Not Out
16 09-Jul-2012 DCC Centenary Celebrations This Week
17 30-May-2012 Cricket Umpires Classes At DCC
18 09-Jan-2012 DCC To Show Regional T20
19 31-Dec-2011 DCC In Centennial Celebrations
20 24-Dec-2011 BCB Responds To DCC Official
21 19-Dec-2011 DCC Earned GCB Club Award
22 11-Dec-2011 Barnwell, Christian Hit Tons For DCC
23 30-Jul-2011 DCC Defeat GCC For Pee Wee Title
24 30-Jul-2011 DCC Win Tropical Mist Pee Wee cricket
25 28-Jul-2011 Pee Wee Cricket Final Set For Today
26 26-Jul-2011 DCC ‘A’ Takes GCA BrainStreet U-15 Title
27 15-Jan-2011 Party Atmosphere At DCC For CT20
28 15-Jan-2011 DCC To Broadcast CT20 Matches
29 30-Sep-2010 Vincent Adams: Engineering Giant
30 18-Jan-2010 TSC Crowned GCA Div2 Champs
31 18-Jan-2010 Transport Wins Division 2 Trophy
32 16-Jan-2010 GCA Div2 Final Today
33 30-Dec-2009 Tributes To Colin Wiltshire
34 02-Apr-2009 Gafoors 20/20 Semi-finals Rained Out
35 20-Nov-2001 Poor Hospitality By Police


DCC Defeat Young Warriors

DCC captain Chris Barnwell receives the Trophy Stall Trophy after DCC defeated Young Warriors of Canje in a friendly 20-overs-per-side match organised by GFSCA at DCC on 03 October 2015.

Crowds For GSC4 Final

Crowds gather for the final day of Guyana Softball Cup 4 on 02 November 2014 at the Demerara Cricket Club ground, for matches under daylight and floodlights.

GFSCA Puts Up DCC Lights

Members of the GFSCA and DCC with Sport Minister Dr Frank Anthony after the commissioning ceremony for the newly-installed floodlights at DCC, on 26 May 2014. This was a collaborative project between GFSCA and DCC.

DCC - Brain Street Champs

The DCC Under-15 team after defeating GNIC at DCC on 05 October 2013 to win the the Georgetown Cricket Association Brain Street Cup competition.

Youths Practicing At DCC, 2013

The weather is great and young cricketers cannot resist the urge to enjoy cricket practice at the Demerara Cricket Club in Georgetown, in August 2013 (Photo kindly donated by long-time DCC supporter Mr Clarence Francis).

DCC Wins Brain Street Again

The winning DCC Under-15 team that won the Georgetown Cricket Association Brain Street competition for the third time, in 2012.

DCC Centenary Celebrations, 2012

DCC centenary celebrations at the Tower Hotel pool side, with ex-West Indies captain and DCC member Clive Lloyd, DCC president Alfred Mentore and others. The centenary magazine can be seen by the huge cake.

Aerial View Of DCC, 2012

Aerial View Of DCC, May 2012.

DCC Pavilion

DCC pavilion, 05 Feb 2011.

DCC Under-13 Players, 2011

DCC Under-13 players pose for a photo with coach Garvin Nedd, in front of the DCC clubhouse in 2011.

DCC Batting v GNIC, 2011

Jahron Byron batting for DCC against GNIC in a GCA First Division Heroes Cup match on 2 October 2011 at DCC (Sean Devers photo).

Christian Batting v GNIC, 2011

Guyana’s newest West Indies player Derwin Christian gathers off-side runs during his half-century for hosts DCC against GNIC on 1 October 2011 (Sean Devers photo).

Inside DCC pavilion

Inside DCC pavilion, 2011

DCC Wins Peewee Title, 2011

Tropical Mist Brand Manager Errol Nelson presents the winner’s trophy to captain of the Demerara Cricket Club team, Shemar De Souza, in the presence of the victorious team members and supporters, on 28 July 2011, at Thirst Park, Ruimveldt.

DCC scoreboard and entrance

DCC scoreboard and entrance, 2011

DCC outfield

DCC outfield, 2011

DCC Nets

DCC net session, 07 Apr 2011.

DCC v GNIC, 2011

DCC playing GNIC in a 2-day match.

DCC: 1991 Bristol Cup Champs
1991 Bristol Cup Champions - the Demerara Cricket Club, before the start of the match against Malteenoes at Everest. The Bristol Cup was a nationwide 50-overs knockout competition for First Division clubs.
Standing, from left: Andre Legall, Mark Harper, Roger Harper, Garvin Nedd, Lennox Hunte, Ramesh Singh (manager), Linden Joseph, a loyal supporter, Keith Semple, Nolan McKenzie. Stooping, from left: Alfred Mentore, Gary Lashley, Edward Burnett, Donovan Matthews and Mertlon Bagot.

Demerara Cricket Club

Name: Demerara Cricket Club
Founded: 01 Feb 1912
Address: Lance Gibbs St, Queenstown, Georgetown
Telephone: 226-2006
2011 Officials
President: Alfred Mentore
DCC Slideshow
Click on the image to see the slideshow.

The Demerara Cricket Club (DCC) was established in 1912 by Portuguese businessmen of British Guiana (including M. Gonsalves, E.C. Buck and Joseph Gonsalves), who were not allowed to be members of the British-dominated Georgetown Cricket Club in its early years. DCC too restricted its membership in its early years - to Portuguese only.

Membership was open to anyone after the First World War, allowing the club to produce some its most famous players, such as West Indies greats Clive Lloyd, Lance Gibbs and others.

Other past club members who played at the highest level are: Cyril Christiani, Robert Christiani, Travis Dowlin, Maurice Fernandes and Roger Harper, while current club members Christopher Barnwell and Derwin Christian have also played at the highest level.

Philbert Blair, Ernest Christiani, Harry Christiani, Trevon Griffith, Mark Harper and Colin Wiltshire are some of the club members who developed at DCC and later represented Guyana at the senior level.

The Demerara Cricket Club was (and still is) the only cricket club in Georgetown to be located in an entirely residential neighborhood. As fate would have it, that neighborhood was a middle-class one, in which residents understood and appreciated the social value of such a facility in their midst. The fact that DCC has survived, and even prospered at times, for over a hundred years, is testimony to its integration into its social settings.

Long-time DCC member Mr Clarence Francis related how Clyde Walcott made 177 for BGCC against the DCC attack. Carl Fraser, the DCC right-arm wrist-spinner was bowling from the southern end and was not spared Walcott's wrath. The DCC ground wass too small on that day, with Ron Willock dropping Walcott about four times by that big tree at deep fine leg! Jack Waterloo, a DCC fan who was present at all the Club's matches, had a great time making fun of Fraser who, incidentally, was a pretty good leg-spinner.

Chetram Singh was DCC president from 1984 to 1991.

DCC is now a member of the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA), which in turn is a member of the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB), which is itself a member of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB). Before the GCA and DCB came into existence after 1990, however, DCC participated in competitions ran directly by the Guyana Cricket Board, the most prestigous of which was the Case Cup, for First Division club competition.

Under the leadership of the versatile legal luminary, lawyer Fred Wills, DCC won the Case Cup on six occasions, with Colin Wiltshire playin a major part by getting the most runs. In 2009, DCC won the national club 20/20 competiton and participated in the West Indies Players’ Association (WIPA) Regional Twenty20 cricket competition in Trinidad.

In 2011, DCC won the GCA first division 20/20 and 2-innings competions. DCC also won the Guyana Cricket Board Club-of-the-Year award for being the best-run club in Guyana in 2011. In 2012, DCC won the GCA Brain Street Under-15 competition for the third time.

In July 2012 DCC celebrated its centenary year. Celebrations included a visit by the Atlantis Cricket Club of New York, a fund-raising costume party, a dinner and ball by the Hotel Tower pool side, and other activities.

The DCC ground is relatively small and is hemmed in by city streets See photo). Just about 2 city blocks to the north of the famous Bourda cricket ground, it is just as prone to flooding as its well-known neighbor. Nevertheless, this ground is always busy with cricket-related activities, including cricket matches, regular practice sessions, umpires' classes, cricket academies, cricket viewing on television, presentation ceremonies in the clubhouse, etc.

Past players include:
Cyril Christiani (Guyana & WI), Ernest Christiani (Guyana), Harry Christiani (Guyana), Robert Christiani (Guyana & WI), Roy Fredericks (Guyana & WI), Lance Gibbs (Guyana & WI), Lennox Hunte (GCB), Clive Lloyd (Guyana & West Indies), Mark Harper (Guyana), Roger Harper (Guyana & WI), Colin Wiltshire (Guyana), Fred Wills;

2013 Activities

GCA Division 1 Hadi 2-day:

  • (26, 27 Jan at DCC) Match drawn. GCC got first innings points. GCC 261 (L Johnson 59, G Charles 52, R Nanan 34, V Singh 22, E Fernandes 21, T Griffith 4-92, C Barnwell 3-63). DCC 256-9d (T Griffith 86, D Christian 70, C Barnwell 23, R Nanan 4-43, L Johnson 3-58, B Bailey 2-54). GCC 143-5 (V Singh 53*, A Doman 25*, C Reece 3-21, D George 2-8).
  • (2, 3 Mar at ?) Match drawn. DCC 287 (K Savory 118, T Dowlin 57, A Lyght Jnr 35, J Rasheed 5-43, C Surat 2-46) Everest 166 (C Hemraj 39, R Dhanraj 36, A Stoll 3-?) DCC 113-3 (A Gibson 52*, and J Byron 39).

GCA Division 2 Noble House 2-day:

  • (19, 20 Jan at DCC) Match drawn. DCC 156 (L Smith 44, K Savory 37, L Primo 30, O Dhanram 4-32, D Dodson 2-26). UG 165-9 (O Dhanram 80, R Alkins 30, D George 2-?). DCC 181 (K Savory 59, T Imlach 32, R Alkins 4-26, K Joseph 2-8, D Dodson 2-39). UG 52-4 (D George 3-32, C Reese 1-12).

Players include: Christopher Barnwell, Jahron Byron, Derwin Christian, Travis Dowlin, Dexter George, Andrew Gibson, Trevon Griffith, Tevin Imlach, Andrew Lyght Jnr, Leron Primo, Cavell Reece, Kemol Savory, Linden Smith, Andre Stoll.

2012 Activities

In July 2012 DCC celebrated its centenary year. Celebrations included a visit by the Atlantis Cricket Club of New York, a fund-raising costume party, a dinner and ball by the Hotel Tower pool side, and other activities.

DCC performances in Georgetown Cricket Association competitions in 2012 were as follows.

  • Brain Street Under-15 limited-overs competition, won by DCC who defeated Transport Sports Club in the final.
  • David Persaud Investment Under-19 50-overs competition, won by DCC-B, with the runner-up being DCC-A.
  • New Building Society 2nd division 40-overs competition, won by GCC, with the runner-up being DCC.
  • Queensway Open Cup 50-overs knockout competition, won by GCC, with DCC being the runners-up again.
  • 2011 1st Division (Carib Beer) and (Friends of Cricket) Heroes Cup was completed in 2012. Malteenoes was the winner with DCC in second place.

2011 Activities

The DCC Under-13 team played unbeaten in 2011 to win the Banks Pee-Wee Under-13 and DeSinco Under-13 tournaments. The DCC Under-15 ‘A’ team played unbeaten to win the Under-15 Brain Street Tournament, while the DCC ‘B’ team placed fourth in the same competition.

DCC First Division team won the Digicel 20/20 for 2010-2011 and the Carib Beer & Friends of Cricket ‘Heroes Cup’ two-day competition. The First Division team has also reached the final of the Queensway Cup final 50 Overs where they were beaten by GCC. DCC was a leading team in the Carib Beer Friends of Cricket two-day First Division 2011-2012 competition.

DCC lost the Noble House Seafood Second Division semi-finals for 2010-2011 and was leading in the Noble House Seafood two-day Second Division 2011-2012 competition.

The Under-15 DCC players representing Demerara at inter-county level were Michael Shalim, Quacy Lewis, Cleon McEwan and Khemraj Rupee, while Tevin Imlac and Travis Persaud were on standby. Shalim and Rupee went on to play for Guyana.

DCC had four cricketers representing Demerara at the Under-17 inter-county level namely, Dexter George, Khemal Savory, David Mohamed and Michael Shalim. Savory and George gained places on the Guyana Under-17 team that will be competing in Trinidad & Tobago in 2012, while Shalim was on standby. Jahron Byron was the lone DCC Under-19 player in the Georgetown and Demerara teams.

At the senior level, DCC players Travis Dowlin, Christopher Barnwell, Derwin Christian, Paul Wintz, Gajanand Singh, Trevon Griffith, Totaram Bishun, Jamal Hinckson and Andrew Lyght Jr represented Demerara and Guyana in various competitions, while Totaram Bishun was often a standby for the Guyana senior team.

A total of nine DCC players took part in the GCB Big Smash 20/20 Tournament. The players are: Christopher Barnwell, Derwin Christian, Trevon Griffith, Totaram Bishun, and Denver Greaves, as well as Paul Wintz, Andrew Lyght Jr, Cohen Ismond and Omesh Dhanram who all played for West Demerara/Essequibo.

The DCC cricketers who played or were selected to represent Guyana at the junior and senior levels are: Michael Shalim, Khemraj Rupee, Dexter George, Kemal Savory, Travis Dowlin, Christopher Barnwell, Derwin Christian, Paul Wintz, Gajanand Singh, Trevon Griffith and Andrew Lyght Jr. Totaram Bishun and Michael Shalim were all on standby for Guyana.

DCC also produced two 20/20 West Indies players in Christopher Barnwell and Derwin Christian. Barnwell represented West Indies in Dubai and West Indies A against Bangladesh. Barnwell was also captain of the Georgetown Pitbulls and was appointed captain of the Guyana Twenty20 senior team, whilst Michael Shalim was the Demerara Under-17 captain. Also, Derwin Christian was named Regional Super50 wicketkeeper.

The DCC ground was the most used cricket venue in Georgetown/Demerara, hosting practice sessions for touring international teams, and cricket matches for the West Indies Cricket Board, Guyana Cricket Board, Demerara Cricket Board and the Georgetown Cricket Association. In addition, the club hosted inter-county matches at the Under-15, Under-17, Under-19 and senior inter-county levels.

DCC’s coach Garvin Nedd hosted daily net sessions at DCC that often included GCC and Malteenoes players. The ground was also used for softball cricket for 80 percent of the year barring weather.

DCC hosted the WICB/Digicel Series practice sessions and West Indies 2-day matches from May 4 to May 14, Women Inter-County matches in July, 4 3-day Regional Under-19 matches, 4 Regional 50 Overs matches, 2 2-day practice matches for women Under-19, 16 GCA matches, 9 practice sessions for Under-17 and senior Inter County teams, 4 days of practise sessions for the Guyana senior team, 11 days of practice sessions for regional Under-19 and senior teams, 3 Under-17 matches, 2 senior Inter-County games and 2 senior Regional 50 over matches, up to the end of November.

As part of its effort to develop cricket, DCC held its annual Summer Camp in collaboration with United Kingdom Aid Programme being managed by Commonwealth Games Canada ‘Bowling Out AIDs’ in August 2011 at which 75 Under-17 players, including two females attended and were awarded certificates.

2010 Activities

2010 cricketers include:
Under-15: Andrew Gibson, Valdez Sukhu
Under-19: Omesh Dhanram, Dino Choo-Wee-Nam
Seniors: Christopher Barnwell (Guyana), Totaram Bishun (Guyana Youth), Derwin Christian (Guyana), Travis Dowlin (Guyana & WI), Trevon Griffith