Enmore Community Centre CC


Enmore Appreciation For GFSCA

The Enmore Community Centre Cricket Club showed its appreciation for the valuable contribution and support of the GFSCA, by issuing this Certificate of Appreciation on 21 December 2014.

Enmore Receives GT&T Trophy, 2013

GT&T representative Donita Amsterdam presents the championship trophy to ECCCC skipper, Bheemraj Ramkellawan, after Enmore defeated Fairfield at the Enmore ground on 10 November 2013, to win the 35-overs knockout competition (Photo: Avenash Ramzan).

Enmore Team Wins Competition, 2013

The Enmore team, after defeating Fairfield in the final of the GT&T 35-overs knockout competition on 10 November 2013 at the Enmore ground (Photo: Avenash Ramzan)

Mohamed is Enmore MoM, 2013

Former national wicketkeeper/batsman Sheik Mohamed was voted Man-of-the-Match after the final of the GT&T 35-overs competition between Enmore and Fairfield at the Enmore ground on 10 November 2013.

Trophies For Enmore Competition, 2013

Trophies for the GT&T 35-over competition final between Enmore and Fairfield, to be played at the Enmore Community Centre ground on 09 November 2013.

Enmore Defeat King's XI, 2013

Members of the Enmore team that defeated a King's Jewelry team in an over-40 softball match at Thirst Park Banks DIH ground, on 27 September 2013.

Enmore Defeat Bravado, 2013

Enmore captain Bheemraj Ramkellawan receives the winner’s trophy after Enmore defeated Bravado on 22 September 2013 at the Enmore ground.

Harper Seminar At Enmore, 2013

Former Guyana and West Indies all-rounder Harper with members of the Enmore Community Centre CC, after he conducted a seminar at the community centre on 21 September 2013.

President Opens Enmore Pavilion, 2013

Guyana President Donald Ramotar cuts the ribbon to open the Enmore Community Centre pavilion, which was refurbished with government funds, on 21 September 2013.

Seetaram And Tyndall, 2013

Berbice Under-15 bowlers, left-arm spinner Joel Seetaram (left) and pacer Sylus Tyndall, who routed Essequibo for just 17 at Enmore on 15 April 2013, in the inter-county competition (Rajiv Bisnauth photo).

St Cuthbert's Defeats Enmore, 2013

Chairman of the Enmore CCCC IMC, Taajnauth Jadunauth (right), presents a bat autographed by Shivnarine Chanderpaul and an umpire’s counter to Chairman of the St Cuthbert’s Warriors Sports Club, Ridley Ferriera on 24 March 2013, after a match between the two clubs (Photo: Avenash Ramzan).

Tiger Sports Assist Enmore Youngster

Proprietor of Tiger Sports, Sheik Mohamed (left), presents a cricket kit to young Enmore Community Centre Cricket Club batsman Vishwanauth Ramlakhan, who was accompanied by club captain Bheemraj Ramkellawan (second right) and member Tahal Ganesh (Avenash Ramzan photo), on 21 March 2013.

Trophies For St Cuthbert's Clash, 2013

Sheik Mohamed, proprietor of Tiger Sports, poses with trophies for the friendly match between Enmore Community Centre and St Cuthbert's Mission on 24 October 2013. (Avenash Ramzan photo).

Enmore MoM v Eccles, 2013

Enmore batsman Vishwanauth Ramlakhan receives the Man-of-the-Match trophy from Secretary of the Guyana Cricket Board, Anand Sanasie, after Enmore lost a friendly match against Eccles on 17 March 2013 at the Enmore Community Centre.

Enmore Active Members, 2013

Active members of the revived Enmore Cricket Club, in March 2013.

Javed Mohamed At Enmore, 2013

Former national Under-15 batsman Javed Mohamed drives down the ground during a practice session at the revived Enmore Cricket Club on 8 March 2013.

Enmore Catching Practice, 2013

Catching practice! The young and not so young have been turning up to practice sessions for the revived Enmore Cricket Club in March 2013.

New Enmore Talent, 2013

Eighteen-year-old Ranjeet Hiralall was probably the fastest bowler at the revived Enmore Cricket Club in March 2013.

Seemangal Continues At Enmore, 2013

Batsman Chandraban Seemangal is one of the senior members who remained active during the Enmore Cricket Club's state of dormancy and continues to play for the club in March 2013.

Contractor Occupies Playfield, 2013

A part of the Logwood, Enmore playfield was home to private heavy duty equipment in March 2013, allegedly without proper permission.

Enmore Community Centre, 2011

Enmore Community Centre, 2011

Enmore Community Centre Cricket Club

Enmore is a large village and sugar estate about 12 miles east of Stabroek Market in Georgetown. The Enmore Community Centre ground has been used for regional matches at all levels. Enmore is also the home of the Chetram Singh Centre for Excellence, an indoor cricket facility built by the Guyana Cricket Board. Click here for Enmore Cricket News and Photos.

Enmore has produced several national and Inter-county players, including: Harriman Joseph, Keith Glasgow, Jagnarine, Sheik Mohamed, Ramphal Bactowar, Anil Jairam, Safraz Ali, Adrian Persaud, Javed Mohamed, Amir Khan and Kevin Basil.

Name: Enmore Community Centre Cricket Club
Location: Enmore, East Coast Demerara
Ground: Enmore Community Centre

2013 Activities

In January, a group of area residents formed an Interim Management Committee (IMC) to oversee the revival of Enmore Community Centre Cricket Club and its restoration to its former glory.

Led by former first division player Taajnauth Jadunauth, an important factor in the club's revival was the gravitating of the young population was to unwholesome activities, including the use of illegal drugs. By March, the club had 25 active members, who practice cricket three times per week, while the volleyball section had 15.

Other members of the IMC included Vice-chairman Shamir Shahib, Secretary Anil Persaud, Treasurer Tahal Ganesh and Committee Members Mahmood Ally, Bheemraj Ramkellawan, Ramdeo Ramkissoon and Iqbal Dawud.

Bheemraj Ramkellawan was appointed cricket captain, while the vice-captains were Chetram Ramlall and Vishwanauth Ramlakhan.

Friendly Matches

  • (21 April 2013 at Wales) Enmore beat Wales by 15 runs in a 30-overs match. Enmore 140 all out in 30 overs (P Lall 30, C Seemangal 25, R Heeralall 24, C Persaud 5-23, R Richards 2-15). Wales 125 all out (S Persaud 46, C Seemangal 4-8, P Lall 2-18, N Ganesh 2-23).
  • (25 March 2013 at St Cuthbert's Mission) St Cuthbert's beat Enmore by 70 runs in a 20-overs match. St Cuthbert's 170-6 in 20 overs (T Andrews 66, M Andrews 30, S Simon 23, O Hussain 14*, C Ramlall 2-8). Enmore 100-9 in 20 overs (B Ramkellawan 24, V Ramlakhan 13, R Heeralall 12, B Clenkin 3-14, D Shuman 2-16, O Hussain 2-16).
  • (17 March 2013 at Enmore) Eccles beat Enmore by 7 wickets in a 35-overs match. Enmore 181-6 in 35 overs (V Ramlakhan 72, J Mohamed 57, C Seemangal 8, J Azeez 4-30). Eccles 184-3 in 34.1 overs (S Mohamed 76, H Garbharran 42, KD Singh 34).

Players include: Balram Bactowar, Iqbal Dawud, Nandram Ganesh, Navindra Gobin, Ranjeet Heeralall, Premraj Lall, Javed Mohamed, Sheik Mohamed, Adrian Persaud, Anil Persaud, Bheemraj Ramkellawan (captain), Vishwanauth Ramlakhan, Chetram Ramlall, Robin Sammy, Chandraban Seemangal.

2011 Activities

Participated in the 2011 Rockaway Twenty20 competition.