About Us

This website is owned and operated by Norm (Norman Peter Gonsalves). I currently live in California, USA, but previously lived in Kildonan (Corentyne, Berbice) and Albouystown (Georgetown), Guyana. I attended Queen's College from 1968 - 1976 and St Petersburg Tech University, in St Petersburg, Russia from 1977 - 1984.

I was a Lecturer in the Faculty of Technology at the University of Guyana from 1984 to 1989, and am currently a practicing Registered Civil Engineer in California.

My practical cricket experience in Guyana was limited to school cricket (Wight Cup and the odd Nortcote Cup match), third division club cricket, beach cricket and softball pick-up ("scrubby") matches. I also played league cricket in the San Francisco area in California.

My initial motivation for creating this website was to give Guyana cricket a presence on the internet, befitting the country's status as a major component of West Indies cricket. This soon evolved, however, into a wish to recognize all Guyana cricketers, not just the famous ones.

The website is built using (open source) drupal software. Its ability to manage and cross-reference huge amounts of data, while providing a good user experience, has been priceless.

Guyana-cricket.com is not affiliated with any cricket board or government agency, inside or outside of Guyana. Its' mission statement may be found here.

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13 Sep 2014